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Here's how True View is different than the average window cleaning company:

  • No strangers show up to do the cleaning.  As the owner, I do all the estimates and the work.  Period. 

  • I start on the outside by removing any screens and cobwebs.  I use an innovative screen washing tool to clean the screens.

  • I begin cleaning the outside of your windows first, using pure water produced on-site using a 4-stage filtration system and water fed pole.  Pure water is a natural solvent. Dirt chemically bonds to pure water.  A brush head on the pole agitates the dirt and the glass is rinsed with pure water, which dries to a spot-free shine!  The frames and sill are cleaned during the process.  All without chemicals.  This method may be combined with an alternate method of cleaning consisting of a soft strip washer, window washing solution and squeegee.  The solution I use is the best in the business.  It's non-toxic and won't hurt your interior or exterior walls or plants.

  • I may use a finely machined scraper to get off paint overspray, bug marks, sap, etc.  Steel wool does wonders as well.

  • If the job calls for an inside cleaning, then I open the window and lightly wipe down the window sill.  Most outfits don't touch your sills. If they do, it's normally an added expense.  

  • When I enter your home I put on a clean pair of shoes, and I protect your furniture and carpets and floors with towels.  (If you have trinkets or collectibles displayed in your windows, then please remove these before I begin cleaning.  You may prefer to raise your blinds and/or open your drapes before I arrive).

  • Any screens go back in place.  Any furniture is put back in place.

I pride myself on quality. I guarantee your satisfaction. If you notice a spot I missed, don't be shy.  Please let me know so I can fix the problem while I'm still at your house. I strive for perfection, but if for any reason you're not satisfied just give me a call so I can make it right.  I'm fully insured and bonded for your total peace of mind.

If you're looking for a quick zip-zap on to the next window job, my company isn't for you. But if you want a window cleaning you'll be happy with- enough to tell your friends and neighbors about- then please contact me.

For a free estimate in writing, please call Matt at 704-770-6776.





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